Worldwide market research trends now available to the VPS

For many VPS staff, conducting research and analysing records is a critical part of the job – particularly when it comes to creating new policies or drafting legislation. The Victorian Government Library Service (VGLS) continues to advance and evolve, meeting the changing requirements of your work.

The latest development at the VGLS is the addition of Euromonitor’s research journals to its existing resource pool. With a research base in as many as eighty countries worldwide, Euromonitor reports across a broad range of topics such as food and beverage, healthcare, technology, cosmetics and fashion.

Access to the market research conducted by Euromonitor has been driven by both VPS policy direction and trends in literature search requests we receive from clients.

This initiative is just one of many recent enhancements VGLS has made as part of its client-focussed service delivery. Other initiatives include webchat functionality on the VGLS website, mobile-based library portals and the implementation of an E-book platform.

No matter the research need, the expert staff at VGLS continue to provide you with the right services and resources for your projects.

To find out more about the VGLS visit the Library Services page, or contact us.