From 1st January 2024, Shared Service Provider has changed its name to Accommodation, Carpool, and Library Services (ACLS).
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New Business Intelligence tools at client fingertips

The BI Dashboard’s user-friendly interface gives up-to-date information as well as the ability to produce customised interactive business intelligence (BI) reports to support portfolio decision making.

The BI solution has been tailored for Victorian government clients and delivers facilities and real estate data for business unit or geographic reporting, giving users the power to sort and display the data they need to support planning, operations and reporting decisions.

Authorised users* within SSP client departments and agencies can access this data via the JLL client portal, using their log in details.

The dashboards allow users to create and save their own ad-hoc reports, drawing on fields tracked by the facilities, finance and property applications. Users can also set up recurring reports to be sent automatically on a regular basis to a selected email list.

Of course, a business intelligence dashboard is only as good as the data within it; SSP and JLL finalised an extensive data rectification program over the past six months, reconciling property information against source information. While there are some residual areas of data review remaining, these will form part of a regular program of data checking within SSP and JLL.

Where can I find the dashboards?

*BI Dashboards are accessible to authorised SSP client users via the JLL Client Portal under the ‘Business Intelligence’ tab. A BI Dashboard user guide is available under the ‘Training’ tab to help you start using the dashboards and enjoying the benefits.

If you have any trouble logging into the BI Dashboards or to arrange a training session, please email the JLL support team.