From 1st January 2024, Shared Service Provider has changed its name to Accommodation, Carpool, and Library Services (ACLS).
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SSP's 2018 highlights

Twelve months ago, SSP embarked on a major business transformation as part of an ambitious program to implement value for money initiatives for its clients and the Victorian Government.While there is much more work to do in the new year to build on this solid foundation, we are delighted to share some key service and performance delivery highlights achieved by SSP during 2018.

A snapshot of SSP's delivery performance in 2018:

  • SSP property portfolio expansion in service delivery scope, from office accommodation to property management;
  • supported whole of Victorian Government response to non-compliant cladding by leading the audit of client office accommodation;
  • facilitated consistent and coordinated approach across client departments to office moves for election preparations and subsequent machinery of government change;
  • new vendor procurement contracts established, designed to generate numerous value for money benefits for clients and Victorian Government;
  • security contract renewed, upgrading security and delivering savings;
  • new projects model introduced to leverage scalability and expertise of JLL, SSP's partner in accommodation service delivery;
  • Victorian Government Library Service (VGLS) added 85,000 e-books to the online library collection, well received by clients;
  • car pool utilisation up 7.7%;
  • launched SSP’s inaugural website to improve access to information about and links to SSP online services;
  • established new relationship management model to support improved understanding of client portfolios and broaden engagement with key contacts across departments and agencies; and
  • maintained a consistent customer satisfaction rating despite a year of significant organisational, system and process change.

We look forward to demonstrating more of the benefits SSP is delivering to clients and across the Victorian Government portfolio in 2019.