From 1st January 2024, Shared Service Provider has changed its name to Accommodation, Carpool, and Library Services (ACLS).
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Corrigo system upgrade

SSP online helpdesk (Corrigo)has been upgraded

The newly upgraded SSP online helpdesk (Corrigo) now makes it easier for you to raise an office Facility Management (FM) work order request.

Always looking to improve your customer experience, the latest Corrigo enhancements include:

  • a new customer web portal as well as a new mobile app that you can download to your phone
  • a cleaner, more thoughtfully designed user interface with less complex ‘drill-down’ menus to easily search for the right request category, e g. Cleaning, Lighting etc.
  • a more intuitive task/problem search when using the mobile app, so that when you create your request, such as "broken dishwasher", you will automatically be taken to the category: Equipment-Appliances.

The upgraded Corrigo system also enhances the end-to-end experience through:

  • an option to activate the location-based auto-detection of your current location, which is designed to increase the speed of your request
  • the ability to track the progress of all your raised work orders easily from the same page and to choose your feedback on completion of the work order.

You can access the new Corrigo version from most web browsers including Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari, with the exclusion of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Accessing the Corrigo URL remains the same, so you don't have to change your bookmark.

To find out more about the changes, please read the answers to the frequently asked questions.

Training resources

To help you with the new changes, these are the training resources available for you:

Download Corrigo user guide

Corrigo user guide 2023
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Training videos

How to create a work order

How to view a progress of the work order

How to verify a completion of the work order

If you have any questions, please email or