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Client satisfaction is top of mind at SSP

SSP exceeded its client satisfaction target in the 2020 SSP annual client satisfaction survey.

A significant increase in client satisfaction across a number of the services provided by the Shared Service Provider (SSP), is a key finding from SSP’s latest client satisfaction survey.

Each year, SSP conducts a comprehensive survey with its clients to gain an understanding of the client satisfaction levels across its Accommodation, Library and Car Pool services and importantly, to identify areas for improvement.

With various initiatives and improvements across the business over the past 12 months, including the implementation of Centralised Accommodation Management (CAM), SSP is pleased to report that the level of client satisfaction in SSP’s services and delivery overall, rose to 72.3%, up from 66.5% in 2019.

This achievement is above the benchmarked 70% satisfaction target for shared services that have a particular focus on cost-effective standardised, repeatable and replicable services to achieve overall benefits for its clients and the Victorian Government.

In addition, this result was particularly notable given the significant change program SSP was undertaking with the CAM project and the initial stages of coronavirus (COVID-19) disruption that coincided with seeking the client feedback.

Among the key findings, ten client departments/agencies reported satisfaction levels of more than 70%, compared with one client in 2019. This result represents a significant uplift in client satisfaction levels across many of our department and agency clients.

In addition, SSP continued to achieve strong levels of client satisfaction across Car Pools Services (86% in 2020, up from 83% in 2019) and Library Services (84% in 2020, up from 80% in 2019).

In the area of accommodation facilities management (FM) services, the client satisfaction level rose from 58% to 62% – representing improved client experience in 2020 following the implementation of the new FM services and providers during 2019.

SSP is looking at new ways to capture client insights during 2021, including tailored feedback debriefs following specific client accommodation projects. This review will consider how SSP can collect timely and meaningful data to best inform our client experience and broader delivery improvements.

We appreciate the time and effort taken by clients to complete the survey. Your valuable insights directly help us to continually identify improvements, with the aim of further enriching the client experience and satisfaction across our services.

In the meantime, if you’d like to provide any feedback on our services, please complete the feedback form.

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