From 1st January 2024, Shared Service Provider has changed its name to Accommodation, Carpool, and Library Services (ACLS).
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Carpool terms and conditions

Booking a vehicle

All vehicles bookings can be made in online booking system.

Travel in government vehicles is charged in accordance with the Accommodation, Carpool and Library Services schedule of rates.

Requests for transport can exceed total fleet numbers during peak demand. Service Centre Officers may ask you to consider:

  • the need for a vehicle
  • public transport alternatives
  • vehicle share.

All drivers will need to present a current drivers licence on collection of vehicle.

Cancellations and non-honoured bookings

Service Centre Officers can assist you with vehicle cancellations.

All bookings that are not honoured will be reported by exception and incur a usage charge.

Extended bookings

Requests for a vehicle for more than 28 days are considered long term hiring and will require a letter of authority from your Secretary or authorised delegate.

Safety check

Before starting a vehicle it‘s recommended you complete a vehicle safety check, including checking that :

  • tyres are fully inflated and have adequate tread
  • front and rear windscreens are clean and free of damage
  • side mirrors and interior rear vision mirror are clean and adjusted to the right angle and height for you
  • vehicle is free of damage
  • headlights and taillights are operational.

Please refer to the owner’s handbook, located in the vehicle glovebox or ask your Service Centre Officer for assistance.

Log books

Log books and instructions are provided when you collect vehicle keys. All log sheets must be completed correctly.

Vehicle collision

In a collision, the driver of a government vehicle must not admit liability.

At the scene of a collision, you should:

  • exchange vehicle and personal details with others involved
  • provide contact details of ACLS Carpool Services
  • notify police in the event of property damage or injury.

Upon return observe the following:

  • report incident to your Service Centre Officer
  • complete an insurance claim form
  • advise your own department or agency management.

Vehicle faults and damage

Damage or urgent repairs must be reported immediately to Service Centre Officer or site contact.

Drivers are responsible for contacting road side assist for issues such as:

  • flat battery
  • flat tyre
  • breakdown
  • out of fuel
  • lockout.

Drivers must ensure such occurrences are reported to Service Centre Officer so that subsequent bookings can be managed.


In instances of vehicle theft, it is the driver’s responsibility to notify police and the Service Centre Management immediately. Driver must report stolen or lost e-tags, fuel cards and car park passes to Service Centre Officer immediately.

Please note that personal and departmental property, such as laptops, phones or sunglasses stolen from vehicles are not covered by insurance. It is not recommended to leave such items in view of sight in vehicles.

Returning a vehicle

On return, drivers should observe the following:

  • vehicle must be returned with a full tank of fuel
  • all personal items and rubbish must be removed from the vehicle
  • all logs are completed correctly.

Heavily soiled vehicles should be cleaned prior to return. Additional costs may be added to bookings where vehicles are made unavailable due to return condition.

Late return of vehicles

Pool vehicles are allocated consecutively. Please respect your colleague and return the vehicle on time in accordance with your booking.

If you anticipate a late return, please advise you Service Centre Officer ASAP.

ACLS Carpool Services maintains record driver behaviour. Staff who do not comply with the conditions of vehicle use may have their access to pool vehicles revoked.

Performance management

ACLS Carpool Services provides detailed reporting on vehicle use to department and agency management. All private travel is logged and reported to management.