From 1st January 2024, Shared Service Provider has changed its name to Accommodation, Carpool, and Library Services (ACLS).
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GJK drives innovation to improve client experience

Last year, under the new facilities management arrangement, GJK became responsible for providing cleaning services to Government tenants within the SSP client portfolio with the purpose of:

  • improving and maintaining the overall cleaning standards of the sites;
  • maintaining and, wherever possible, minimising the environmental impact that cleaning has on the sites whilst maximising any innovations in the industry; and
  • delivering maximum value for money to Government.

With some clever planning and collaboration, the following innovations have been bearing fruit.

Increased cleaning standards

Standardised periodicals were set up under the new contractual terms of the GJK account. As a result, there has been an increase in general cleaning standards across the portfolio due to more constant and consistent preventative measures. As opposed to the previous ad hoc arrangements, this is great for our clients because these measures are now done regularly and to industry standards across the portfolio.

Environmental efficiencies

GJK’s innovative approach to help minimise the environmental impact of cleaning has included the supply of green approved cleaning products to all Green Star rated buildings. This is to ensure that the highest green star ratings are maintained on these sites.

There has also been a reduction of bin liner usage on sites. Instead of the old practice of removing each bin liner at every station, GJK now looks at the desk bins and, if they are not soiled, simply empties the bin and leaves the liner. As well as bringing in a slight cost-benefit due to fewer liners being used, it minimises waste leaving from sites.

To remove dirt and grime easily from low-rise commercial buildings, water fed pole cleaning systems have been introduced as one of the most innovative methods to clean hard-to-reach windows and remove any stubborn dirt that has accumulated under top window seals over time. The carbon fibre poles make cleaning windows quick, efficient and economical.

GJK achieves outstanding performance rating to benefit all

The excellent monthly GJK audit results reveal that key performance indicators (KPIs) have been met, lead indicators are doing well, and an average quality score of 98.3% has been achieved over a twelve-month period.

KPI score results

Importantly, these results show that through continuous improvement and a collaborative approach, we can all achieve outstanding results and value to benefit clients, Government and the environment.